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About Adelio

Character is more important than personality

The quality of being noble in character.
"a man of nobility and learning"
Synonyms: virtue, goodness, honour, honesty, decency, integrity, magnanimity, generosity, selflessness, bravery.

To journey off the beaten track, get lost, and to recreate our own path is all part of what we dream and aspire to do here at Adelio.

The name 'Adelio' is referenced from the Spanish word meaning 'noble'. The notion of nobility is reflected through the story and ethos within the Adelio brand and our relentless pursuit of the 'Noble Quest'. Defined as many things, the Noble Quest in short is the undeniable urge to discover and immerse ourselves in hidden gems of solitude, allowing our adventurous spirits to take charge as we strive for rare moments of bliss.

We have a strong belief and ideology that a brand can be more than something that is worn or used, but can shape an individual - from the inside out. Pairing these principles with an undeniable passion for adventure, plus form and function has helped to create and continually influence this ever-evolving brand.

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