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Andrew Mooney

Andrew Mooney

Posted by Brett Vergou on

Voted best free surfer in the world in 2008, Andrew Mooney is respected and recognised worldwide not only for his innovative wave riding but also for his eagerness to chase monstrous swells. With a self-proclaimed "unhealthy obsession with surfboard design", Andrew has continued his natural progression in the industry as a gifted surfboard shaper learning his trade under the tutelage of Bill Cillia from Nirvana Surfboards. As Bill retired into North Coast bliss, Andrew saw the opportunity to found his own label 'Serpent Sleds' in late 2015. These days outside of the shaping bay you'll find Andrew still chasing the solitude of an island oasis or an icy cavern, all the while gaining valuable knowledge that he can transfer into the art of his surfboard shaping. Mooney showcases the true essence of a surfer’s explorative nature, never ceasing to pursue the endless hunt of perfect waves and in many ways his own version of the #noblequest.



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