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New Scenery, New Noise

New Scenery, New Noise

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What Youth and Adidas presents ‘New Scenery, New Noise’, a new film of skating, surfing and snowboarding in the all day light of Sweden and Norway. Featuring
Chippa Wilson in the Connor 5/4 Hooded Deluxe Steamer.

“Drinking gets you closer to the Gods in Norway. Or so they say. And we just got up close and personal with them. You’ll remember a few months back when we had a problem “just saying yes” to everything. This is the result of that: a trip through Scandinavia with an eclectic crew that included Chippa Wilson, Jake Blauvelt, Keegan Valaika and Louif Paradis.

We basically brought a bunch of boards and we did what the terrain told us to. Every midnight piss came with a breathtaking view. Every new day (when you could tell it was a new day) came with a new landscape. Which is just how we like it. We also got a chance to wonder together just what’s happening in all of our cultures, are they in the right direction, are we OK? After this trip, we all came home and decided together that the answer is a great big yes.”

Watch the new film ‘New Scenery, New Noise’ now.

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