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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore

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Harsh winter conditions, dangerous roads, and freezing temps….. They mean nothing to Seth Conboy if the waves are pumping.
The East coast of the States has been off tap these last few weeks and Seth is getting Spoilt!
He ain’t afraid of no blizzard!
‘It’s one of the coldest winters surfing here I can remember. Water temps are down to mid-30’s and the waves have been consistent. We’ll get a flush of
super cold weather, bringing in a few days of swell, followed by warmer southern wind swell. I’ve surfed 10 times in the past 5 days’ constantly getting
in and out of a 5/4 and 7mm boots and gloves. It’s so fucking worth it though, it’s that good. Quality over quantity over here on the East Coast. I
wouldn’t trade it for anything—small line ups and perfect surf. – via Stab Magazine

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